Research Files

Please feel free to download and enjoy these files. If you use them in your research, please drop me a line.

"On the Peninsula with the Berdan Sharpshooters" is a collection of letters written during the Peninsula Campaign by Adjutant J. Smith Brown of the 1st U.S. Sharpshooters.

The "Stinchcomb Letters" are a collection of letters by Captain James W. Stinchcomb of Co. B, 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during his regiment's service with the Army of the Cumberland.

The Purvis Letters files include a great set of correspondence from Sergeant John H. Purvis of Co. B, 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, including accounts of Dobbin's Ferry, Stones River, Chickamauga, and the Atlanta campaign. 

"Pen Lever: the Civil War letters of Charles Edward Bliven of the Army Telegraph Corps" provides a fascinating glimpse of the war in the western theater as viewed from behind the lines. Bliven worked as a telegrapher attached to General Don Carlos Buell's headquarters up until just before Shiloh, then traveled all over western Tennessee and Kentucky setting up telegraph lines for the army. In 1863, he was promoted and spent a year in Cincinnati, Ohio before being commissioned as a major in the quartermaster corps. 

This file has been many years in the works- it is a detailed casualty list for the Army of the Cumberland covering the Battle of Stones River. It is quite comprehensive and names 95.8% of the reported casualties from the battle- the remaining 4.2% are still to be determined but mostly are men that were captured but insufficient records exist to prove when they were captured. For any errors (and with over 12,000 names, there are bound to be errors)  my profuse apologies. 

I've also added two more Stones River files: one, a lengthy document on the staff organization of the Army of the Cumberland during the Stones River campaign and a detailed order of battle document with the regimental commanders listed. 

Latest addition is "Prison Life in the South," an eight part series by Captain Henry H. Alban of Co. F, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Alban was captured at Chickamauga and this series recounts his attempt to escape in October 1864, and provides some grim reading for life while in Confederate hands.